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Workplace Drug & Alcohol Testing

Workplace Drug & Alcohol Testing In Bowen & Beyond

Corrsafe are experts in quality, training, testing, and care. We provide drug and alcohol testing services including training courses, policy development, and treatment advice across Airlie Beach, Bowen, and other Queensland areas.

Our mission is to help manage your employee drug and alcohol situations, professionally, simply and affordably. We provide instant employee drug and alcohol testing and courses to help with workplace drug and alcohol management. We offer efficient drug and alcohol screening solutions. Our trained, accredited and licensed staff to resolve employee drug and alcohol issues quietly and confidentially.

Fit For Duty Workplace Drug And Alcohol Testing

We believe that the objective of conducting workplace drug and alcohol testing is to encourage responsible self management and change behaviour, rather than a pursuit for positive results.

To enourage people to modify their drug and alcohol consumption to reduce the impact on their own safety and that of others, there are three fundamental aspects to an effective program:

  • Policy Development.
  • Staff Education.
  • Compliant Testing.

We can assist you in all these areas or just one if you prefer.

Drug And Alcohol Testing Courses And Other Solutions For Airlie Beach And Bowen Regions

All businesses can benefit from educating their employees on drugs and alcohol, including how being under their influence affects fitness for duty. Corrsafe’s drug and alcohol courses can help your staff:

  • comprehend relevant legislation
  • identify co-workers who are struggling with substances
  • understand compliant drug and alcohol testing practices and how they are performed
  • develop company policies that encourage anyone needing professional help to seek it

We also offer other OH&S courses in first aid, white card training, and forklift licences.

Keep Your Workplace Running Smoothly With A Drug And Alcohol Testing Course

If you’re interested in training your staff on the risks of drugs and alcohol in the workplace, get in touch with Corrsafe. Our health and safety professionals service Airlie Beach, Bowen, and other Queensland areas, and are strongly committed to privacy and confidentiality as well as attention to detail and technical accuracy. Contact us online or call 07 4785 2850 for more information about our services or to book a course.

Get in touch with the experts at Corrsafe by contacting us online or calling 07 4785 2850.


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