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Coating Inspection Services

Corrsafe provides inspection services to assist clients fulfil their project quality needs.

Corrsafe can assist your organisation with auditing supplier quality, supplier quality control management, verification that your suppliers are meeting the project specifications and coating inspection.

Corrsafe is committed to providing exceptional customer service and providing its clients with the necessary infomation and on the ground vision to assist in managing their projects quality by providing first hand account of progress.

The Objective

Owners, future owners and facility managers of valuable construction projects attach great importance on the durability of their capital goods and therefore, they invest money in protective coatings in order to protect them.

As protective coating failures such as decay, corrosion and loosening adhesive coats involve large repair costs and lengthy down time, companies look for ways to inspect the protective coatings work or investigate the causes of failures effectively to save further costs.

The Solution

Corrsafe provides protective coating inspection and failure analysis for the assessment of protective coatings in ferrous steel, stainless steel and aluminum, etc.

These materials can be tested for conformity, compatibility and performance.

With protective coating inspection it is possible to inspect the surface preparation and the application of protective coatings work.

Why Corrsafe?

Corrsafe is a leading protective coating inspection, verification, testing and certification company with extensive experience in protective coating inspection and failure analysis.

Corrsafe inspects the surface preparation and application of protective coatings work, structural renovations, etc. Furthermore, Corrsafe has been performing protective coating inspections on various clients mine sites and construction sites for many years.

Our Coating Inspection & Failure Analysis Services

We provide a wide portfolio of services for coating inspection and failure analysis:

    • Periodic quality controls.
    • Periodic technical coating inspections.
    • Loss assessments.
    • Repair advice.
    • Damage assessment and expertise.
    • General technical assistance.
    • Drawing up of technical specifications.
    • Technical protective coating research.
    • Technical protective coating inspection services.
    • Safety training for protective coating workers and supervisors.
    • Determination of surface roughness.
    • Protective coatings research.
    • Determination of protective coating inspection parameters.
    • Determination of viscosity and percentage solid substances, pot life, etc.
    • Tests of protective coating thickness, hardness, adhesion, gloss, color, etc.
    • Protective coating tests, resistance, porosity, etc.
    • Salt Tests.
    • Testing for conformity, compatibility and performance.

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